Implementation of ozone generators, maintenance and control

We improve the quality and profitability of your business taking advantage of the benefits of ozone, respecting the environment and avoiding chemical products.

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Ozone Applications

Generador de ozono para ganadería

Ozone in farming

It should be used for its oxidizing properties, oxygen regeneration and for its virulicide, bactericide, fungicide and disinfectant action

Generadores de ozono en la Agricultura

Ozone in agriculture

The best option to eliminate microorganisms and weeds, since it is not contaminating and its only residue in the soil is oxygen

Generadores de ozono en bodegas

Ozone in wineries

Ozone gives new life to the barrel especially in the oldest and most polluted ones, they are rejuvenated

ozono en cámaras frigoríficas

Ozone in cold storage

A safe and economical method prevents the growth of bacteria and moulds and therefore the alteration of the final product

Generadores de ozono para hostelería

Ozone in hostelery

Ideal technique for disinfection without the need to resort to altered products or chemicals that release residues

generador ozono lavanderia

Ozone in the laundry

Powerful oxidant and disinfecting agent, reduces the use of bleaching lye, which damages fabrics

What is ozone?

Ozone is a safe and vigorous disinfectant and oxidizer. It does not act as a systemic poison for microorganisms, but destroys them through the process of oxidation. For that reason, it is impossible for a microorganism to develop resistance to oxidation. It cannot be stored or transported, it must be generated in situ.

Ozone Benefits


Without Residues

Its main advantage is that it decomposes into oxygen, so it does not leave any kind of chemical residue, either in the facility or in the product.


High disinfection power. It is the most powerful oxidant for the disinfection of water, air and surfaces.


Its application does not require long periods of eviction from the enclosure or uncomfortable movements.


It prevents the appearance of viral epidemics and all kinds of volatile organic compounds that vitiate the air.


It is a natural gas that is present in the atmosphere and whose molecule contains 3 atoms of oxygen.


All treatments with our ozone generating equipment are very economical for your business.

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