About Us

We are dedicated to ozone control and applications, marketing and installing ozone generator equipment for water and air, with after-sales service and maintenance.

About Green Biozone

We are pioneers in our own development of ozone generating equipment and systems. We put into service our control and application of ozone, marketing and installing these ozone generating equipment for water and air, with after-sales service, maintenance and offering exhaustive post-installation monitoring with our field team made up of a Biology department, a technical maintenance department and another of Agricultural Technical Experts.

Our History

We have the necessary means for the design of personalized projects
Our main objective is to help our customers to improve quality and profitability on the farm, since the harvests will improve with the use of ozone in irrigation and the farmer will obtain better yields by reducing, for example, the use of phytosanitary products. And all this with respect for the environment, since ozone does not produce any kind of waste.
Your image as a company will be reinforced.

Our engineering department studies each case and proposes the ideal solution with ozone generators of any weight, making the installation to the client’s specifications.


Location of national and international sales of our ozone generators

Our Team

We have a great team formed by professionals
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Manuel José Conde Hernandez

Managing Director

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Álvaro Conde Garrido

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Mª Luisa Conde Liañez

Administrative Assistant
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María Flores Carillo

Administrative Assistant

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Manuel Ángel González

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José Mª Hernandez

General Manager
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Juan Manuel Callejo Piosa

Technical Agricultural Engineer
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Juan Manuel Guerrero

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Jose Mª García


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Alberto Rodríguez


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Francisco Javier Rebollo


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Ana Mª Rodríguez Moreno

Agricultural Technical Engineer
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Manuel Conde Garrido

Maintenance Technician
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Enrique Álvarez

Maintenance Technician

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Jorge García

Technical Design Engineer

Our Facilities

All our facilities have complete deodorization and an ozonized atmosphere