Inverse Osmosis

A treatment with ozone will be very effective thanks to the semipermeable memebrane, which forms the ozone generating system, it kills bacteria, fungi and viruses
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Purified Water


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Ideal for Low Sodium Diets

Why use Reverse Osmosis?

Ozone is that substance that exists in nature and is also called “active oxygen”. It is the best tool created by nature to clean, purify and disinfect the environment. Something that it also does when we apply it to water.

In nature this colorless gas is generated by thunderstorms, leaving the classic fresh and clean smell of spring rain. However, it is possible to generate it directly, to benefit from its properties. Thus, creating it in-situ in our company or business increases air quality and health.

Therefore, an ozone generator allows you to maintain a space free of viruses, odors, bacteria, fungi, spores, etc.

Water purification

Osmosis is a system whose function is to achieve balance. To do this, two fluids with different concentrations of dissolved solids are brought into contact and mixed until the concentration is uniform. As these fluids are separated by a permeable membrane (which allows passage through one of the fluids), one of the fluids will move through the membrane. It is the one with the lowest concentration, integrating itself to the fluid with the highest concentration.

After some time the water content will be higher on one side of the membrane. The difference in height between both fluids is called osmotic pressure.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is the opposite process to conventional osmosis, so we can purify the water. It is a process that is generated thanks to membranes. In order to force the passage of the water in the brine stream to the water stream with low salt concentration, it is necessary to pressurize the water to a value higher than the osmotic pressure. Thus, as a consequence of this process, the brine will become more concentrated.

Science shows us that this is the best process for transforming tap water into high quality water by a natural method, without the use of chemicals. Its principle of operation is the same one applied by our body, where water is distributed by means of natural osmosis, which overcomes its impurities and turns it into a benefit for our organism.

Thanks to the ozone generating machines, it is possible to use the ozonized water in the daily life of your home or company. There are many health benefits behind this decision. It is a healthy and simple way to obtain drinking water from water that is not recommended to be consumed. Thanks to the semipermeable memebrana, which forms the ozone generating system, bacteria, fungi and viruses are eliminated, making osmosis water indispensable.

Advantages of reverse osmosis

  • Greater convenience without having to carry, buy and store bottled water.
  • Improved health for you and your family Reverse osmosis is ideal for low-sodium diets, which help improve the body.
  • Its installation is easy and it is integrated inside the cabinets so that it does not affect the aesthetics.
  • This system is perfect for all types of cooking: potatoes, vegetables and legumes… and is also perfect for coffee, tea, infusions…

“Ozone can turn a water, which produces epidemics, into a totally pure drink”


What equipment is used to apply ozone in Reverse Osmosis?

Inverse Osmosis 2

GBT - Phytosanitary Treatment

They are equipment that are adapted to the treatment equipment. They generate ozone in an autonomous way and it is ozonized continuously to the treatment water. The system is patented by Green Biozone. Each equipment is designed according to the customer’s needs (mainly water type and treatment equipment model). So far, many farmers treat with ozonized irrigation water, filling the tank with it, with good results but not comparable with being able to ozonize at the same time as it is treated. It is also important to study the treatment equipment, because for the best result it is important to make a wetting that provides an optimal leaf coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ozone impact on the animals' ships?

In a positive way. Improves breeding hygiene and eliminates respiratory disorders, chronic bronchitis, coryza, aspergillosis, microtoxicosis

Is frequent use convenient?

Yes. It prevents the appearance of viral epidemics and eliminates all types of volatile organic compounds that vitiate the interior air (ammonia, urea, scatol, indol) causing their destruction through oxidation.

Do you generate waste in the process of removing volatile organic compounds?

No. As a residue of these reactions is the production of oxygen, so we get a greater oxygenation of the room, very beneficial for the development of animals.

What effects does the ozonized air have on animals?

More oxygen, more energy, protection from pathogens, increased rate of blood oxyhemoglobin with antibiotic effect…

Is it always the same dose for any animal?

No. The dose will vary depending on epidemics, stools and growth.

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