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An ozone treatment will be very effective for the care of your clothes and for saving energy consumption by reducing washing cycles and chemicals

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Why use ozone in laundry?

The use of ozone can potentially reduce washing temperatures from 60 to 75ºC to ranges between 30 and 35ºC and even use cold water in successive washing cycles.This is because ozone tends to generate oxygen, which increases the cleaning potential of detergents by allowing a reduction in temperature. The reduction in hot water consumption reduces the cost of the water bill. Additionally, the use of ozone produces less damage to clothing. Ozone’s role as a powerful oxidant and disinfecting agent reduces the use of bleach, which damages clothes.

Traditionally, softeners are used to reduce static electricity. The use of ozone prevents the formation of static electricity, eliminating the need to use these products.

Advantages of ozone in laundries

  • Saves hot water consumption

Normally, in laundries the temperature is between 60° and 75° C. The use of ozone can reduce this temperature, up to about 30°/ 35° C. This is due to the fact that ozone leads to the production of oxygen, increasing the potential of the, which avoids the need to use very high temperature. By reducing hot water consumption the company saves on hot water costs, while less damage is done to clothing.

  • Chemical usage is reduced

Detergents used for laundry are more effective than the normal dose when combined with ozone. This is because ozone allows for a greater penetration and cleaning effect of the detergents

  • It’s a powerful disinfectant

Ozone is a biocide that can easily control odors, kill viruses and get rid of any bacteria up to 99% in textile materials. For that reason, using an ozone generator to wash clothes is a widespread practice in hospitals and laboratory rooms.

  • Better care of tissues

Many nursing homes have adopted ozone laundry systems, as have hotels, prisons and hospitals. Customer testimonials demonstrate their satisfaction with the use of ozone. The bedding is softer and more pleasant, since high temperatures do not have to be used.

Saving energy

Ozone technology promises better deodorization, shorter laundry cycles and improved sanitation, all with the use of lower temperature water, resulting in savings in energy consumption and costs. As an oxidant, ozone is stronger than chlorine and has been shown to be a highly effective disinfectant, even if used in sterilization systems. In addition, ozone generators can be installed as a complement to conventional systems, allowing older laundries to adapt their facilities without having to replace expensive machines.

“Removing impurities from the air by sterilizing it with ozone eliminates 98% of the chances of contracting infectious diseases”


What equipment is used to apply the ozone in the laundry?

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GBI - Equipment to Disinfect, Wash or Purify

Ozone generator prepared for those places that need to be disinfected, washed or purified with water, homes, machines, fruits, utensils or industrial vehicles. This model is grouped with a self-starting system by water flow. No need for any operator to start it up.
Its ozone production will be different, depending on each client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ozone impact on the animals' ships?

In a positive way. Improves breeding hygiene and eliminates respiratory disorders, chronic bronchitis, coryza, aspergillosis, microtoxicosis

Is frequent use convenient?

Yes. It prevents the appearance of viral epidemics and eliminates all types of volatile organic compounds that vitiate the interior air (ammonia, urea, scatol, indol) causing their destruction through oxidation.

Do you generate waste in the process of removing volatile organic compounds?

No. As a residue of these reactions is the production of oxygen, so we get a greater oxygenation of the room, very beneficial for the development of animals.

What effects does the ozonized air have on animals?

More oxygen, more energy, protection from pathogens, increased rate of blood oxyhemoglobin with antibiotic effect…

Is it always the same dose for any animal?

No. The dose will vary depending on epidemics, stools and growth.

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