Ozone in Agriculture

Ozone is the most suitable substance to carry out a complete disinfection of the crops without using chemical products, without generating residues and without negatively affecting the environment

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Fungal Toxin Removal


Absence of Chemical Products


Uncontaminated used water


High level of Disinfection

Why use ozone in agriculture?

Many groups of researchers have concluded that ozone, which is a gas with high oxidizing power, could be the best option for eliminating microorganisms and weeds, since it is not a pollutant and its only residue in the soil is oxygen.

When ozone is applied to the soil it releases a large amount of oxygen radicals, so much so that it becomes “a poison” for microorganisms.

The tests were conducted on a typical strawberry soil because it is a very sensitive soil that requires disinfection every cycle. With two 15-minute applications, 95% disinfection was achieved, which can only be surpassed by methyl bromide.

Ozone in agricultural soils

By using an ozone generator to disinfect agricultural soils, it is possible to prepare them for cultivation, without leaving any residues behind. The use of chemical phytosanitary products is avoided, and with it the contamination they generate. This makes it easier and safer to get rid of pathogens, such as mesophilic aerobic microorganisms, which are most often found in the soil, by disappearing from the field.

According to a series of studies carried out by the Economic Development Agency (ADE) of Castilla y León, in Palencia, it has been demonstrated that the disinfection achieved by an ozone generator in the soil is only surpassed by the application of methyl bromide, a phytosanitary product of regular use that is highly contaminating and harmful to the health of the person who applies it, and which is now prohibited

Why does the ozone leave no residue?

Ozone is the substance that is naturally produced in the upper layers of the atmosphere through the action of ultraviolet rays on atmospheric oxygen, forming the ozonosphere, (also known as the ozone layer), whose mission is precisely to filter, absorb and reflect ultraviolet radiation from the sun into space.

Ozone, under normal temperatures is in a gaseous state in unstable solution in the air, so that, when applied, this substance decomposes relatively quickly, becoming oxygen (O2) again, something that is not only harmless, but beneficial to the environment.

Ozone disinfection is full of advantages

Ozone, a gas with great oxidizing power, is very effective in eliminating microorganisms and weeds. Moreover, it does not pollute, because it does not leave any residue in the soil, only oxygen. It does not pollute because the product resulting from the decomposition of the ozone is the oxygen itself, so that, once the treatment has been carried out, all residues disappear in a matter of minutes, and there are no remains that can pollute the soil.

An ozone generator is also effective in water treatment, in eliminating odours and in helping you to achieve an increasingly ecological and sustainable crop.

At GreenBiozone we will be happy to advise you on how to choose the best ozone equipment for you, so that you can achieve the advantages and benefits that ozone machines will achieve for your crops.

Greater safety and a healthier environment

Ozone generators can eliminate pesticides and allow employees in the agricultural sector to work with less risk and in a healthier way.

With an ozone generator system applied to agricultural crops, not only is the health of the workers improved, but also the economic costs are reduced due to savings in phytosanitary products, fertilizers and hazardous water, contributing to a significant increase in the profitability of the farms.

The main applications of ozone in agriculture are the injection of ozonized water in irrigation and the foliar treatments to which ozone is applied by spraying. Irrigation with ozonized water disinfects the roots and the substrate, preventing the appearance of diseases caused by bacteria or fungi. In addition, the decomposition of ozone into oxygen ensures new and healthy roots until the end of cultivation.

“With the air we breathe most of our diseases, in contact with the ozone the microbes are burned and the toxins destroyed”


Using an ozone generator

In GreenBiozone we have designed a system to install the necessary equipment for the foliar treatment of strawberries. Our client in Palos de la Frontera is committed to eradicating pests that could affect their crop, but without using chemicals.

With the action of an ozone generator we eliminate bacteria and disinfect the plants, fruits and vegetables to protect the effort and work of the farmers.

An ozone generator in a crop is able to stop other diseases that affect plants such as mildew or powdery mildew, also known as ash. The action of ozone is full of advantages, and at GreenBiozone we will be happy to offer you the ozone equipment that best suits your needs. With our own patented equipment, manufactured jointly with Makato, there is no type of cultivation or industrial activity that does not benefit from the use of this technology.

Advantages of using ozone in crops

To achieve a fully sanitized irrigation water the best option you can count on is an ozone generating equipment. Why? Let’s try to summarize it in a few lines, then you will make the decision.

A crop is inevitably exposed to pests, bacteria, infections, and all kinds of microorganisms that, without us being aware, can totally ruin the crop, damage its fruits and spoil your production. The usual step is to use chemicals.

With an ozone generator, that does not happen. Ozone is created from oxygen atoms, with a union of atoms. It cannot be stored and in addition ozone O3 decomposes by itself, recovering its original form (that of oxygen O2), having left behind the effectiveness of a gas that is already indispensable in organic crops. Oxygenation of the roots is achieved, without leaving any chemical residue.

What equipment is used to apply ozone in agriculture?

Máquina de ozono GBD

GBD - Ozone equipment for soil disinfection

It is a compact piece of equipment, which is incorporated into the harrow or plow, to achieve soil disinfection at the same time as the work of the equipment selected by the farmer is carried out.

Máquina de ozono GBA

GBA - Ozone Irrigation Equipment

They are equipments that generate ozone and mix it with the irrigation water. The equipment and its entire project is individualized because if the ozone does not reach the most unfavorable points of the crop in the correct concentrations, the desired effect will not be achieved. Green Biozone equipment is giving spectacular results, especially in the Huelva area (where it started). It is essential to monitor the effectiveness of the equipment over time, something that other companies are not doing.

Máquina de ozono GBT

GBT - Ozone Equipment for Foliar Treatment

They are equipment that are adapted to the treatment equipment. They generate ozone in an autonomous way and it is ozonized continuously to the treatment water. The system is patented by Green Biozone. Each equipment is designed according to the customer’s needs (mainly water type and treatment equipment model). So far, many farmers treat with ozonized irrigation water, filling the tank with it, with good results but not comparable with being able to ozonize at the same time as it is treated. It is also important to study the treatment equipment, because for the best result it is important to make a wetting that provides an optimal leaf coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ozone impact on the animals' ships?

In a positive way. It improves the hygiene of the breeding and eliminates respiratory disorders, chronic bronchitis, coryza, aspergillosis, microtoxicosis

Is frequent use convenient?

Yes, it prevents the appearance of viral epidemics and eliminates all types of volatile organic compounds that vitiate the interior air (ammonia, urea, scatol, indol) causing their destruction through oxidation.

Do you generate waste in the process of removing volatile organic compounds?

No. As a residue of these reactions is the production of oxygen, so, we obtain a greater oxygenation of the place, very beneficial for the development of the animals.

What effects does the ozonized air have on animals?

More oxygen, more energy, protection from pathogens, increased rate of blood oxyhemoglobin with antibiotic effect…

Is it always the same dose for any animal?

No. The dose will vary depending on epidemics, stools and growth.

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