Ozone in Hostelry

An ozone treatment will be very effective in sterilizing and deodorizing your business because it is able to completely eliminate any foreign odor
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Oxygenated Rooms


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Without Chemistry

Why use ozone in the Hostelry?

Ozone is an agent for the disinfection of environments recognized by the WHO World Health Organization, which expresses maximum concentrations of 0.1 ppm (0.2 mg/m³) for exposures of about 8 hours continuously. Following these guidelines or recommendations, ozone is an ideal technique for disinfection of these premises in order to destroy the pathogens that cause these infections to proliferate without having to resort to altered products or chemicals that give off unwanted residues or by-products.

The high oxidizing power of ozone is the most suitable treatment for the destruction of bacteria, viruses and/or germs, as well as allowing for extra oxygenation after its molecular breakdown.

Eliminate the smell of smoke with Ozone

To eliminate the odours from the cigarette smoke, the area to be treated must be closed and sealed off, then the ozone equipment is started up with a limited time. And after it takes effect we should let the O3 dissipate for at least an hour before we return to occupy the space as we usually do.

Ozone generators work automatically, so the amount of ozone released is constantly measured, making it harmless to humans and pets.

In addition, if you want to get rid of the yellowish smell caused by the chemical residues resulting from the effect of smoke on walls and other surfaces, you can apply the ozonized water, in addition to applying the ozone generator to eliminate the smell of smoke. Ozonized water can destroy the odors impregnated in the walls, destroying all microorganisms and harmful elements that may be in them.

Ozone in Gyms

Nowadays there are more and more hotels that present among their menu of activities, those destined to the cult and care of the body like the gyms.With the use of ozone in these installations we will not only achieve a fresher environment without bad odours, viruses, bacteria and any pathogenic agent, but we will achieve more pleasant, healthy enclosures and where the exercise to be carried out becomes lighter due to the presence of a purer air. In addition, we will get extra oxygenation that will allow us to face the exercise with more energy.

“The absence of ozone in the air is a sign of polluted air”


What equipment is used to apply ozone in the hostelry?

Hostelry 4

GBI - Equipment to Disinfect, Wash or Purify

Ozone generator prepared for those places that need to be disinfected, washed or purified with water, homes, machines, fruits, utensils or industrial vehicles. This model is grouped with a self-starting system by water flow. No need for any operator to start it up.
Its ozone production will be different, depending on each client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is ozone supplied to the hostelry?

The procedure consists of placing fully automated ozone generators that transmit the necessary amount of ozone to the air conditioning ducts, reaching all these rooms. We can also count on portable ozone generators that can be attached to the cleaning trolleys of the room waitresses, so that while they carry out their work of cleaning and adapting the room, they can put the ozone generator into operation achieving extra disinfection.

Is frequent use convenient?

Yes. It prevents the appearance of viral epidemics and eliminates all types of volatile organic compounds that vitiate the interior air (ammonia, urea, scatol, indol) causing their destruction through oxidation.

Do you generate waste in the process of removing volatile organic compounds?

No. As a residue of these reactions is the production of oxygen, so we get a greater oxygenation of the room, very beneficial for the development of animals.

What effects does the ozonized air have on animals?

More oxygen, more energy, protection from pathogens, increased rate of blood oxyhemoglobin with antibiotic effect…

Is it always the same dose for any animal?

No. The dose will vary depending on epidemics, stools and growth.

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