Ozone in Water Treatment

An ozone treatment will be very effective in sterilizing and deodorizing the enclosure and the water intended for consumption by them
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High Disinfectant


Without Residues


Without Chemistry


Neutralised Odours

Why use ozone in water?

With the use of ozonized water, the transmission of diseases is reduced, both because it is drunk and because of the level of disinfection achieved when cleaning utensils.

By removing bacteria from the water, cleaning is more effective. The stables, the utensils used and the animals themselves should be disinfected. In this way the ozone generator is able to neutralize the contaminating agents adhered to walls, floors, furniture… As long as all the utensils, containers and other equipment are cleaned with ozonized water.


Its application in liquid form

Ozone can dissolve in water just like chlorine and other chemicals. Many plants already use aqueous ozone, applied by means of ozone injection systems, especially in the disinfection of food products. Aqueous ozone can be safely sprayed onto products within the plant itself. Equipment, walls, floors, bathtubs, drains, tanks, shelves, knives and tables can be sprayed with water-based ozone. Closed pipes can also be perfectly disinfected with ozone using a system called Clean in Place (CIP) thanks to our ozone generating equipment.

A process in 2 steps

To carry out sanitation using ozone, a two-step process is generally required. Surfaces are cleaned and biofilms are removed with hot water or a cleaner. Aqueous ozone is then used to disinfect the surface and destroy all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. No further cleaning steps are necessary after the use of ozone. In fact, it is not even necessary to rinse, since ozone will not leave any residue on the surface.This, in addition to being more effective, reduces cleaning time, prevents corrosion of materials and achieves water savings.

Ozone can be used throughout the day during processing. And since there is no danger of damaging the products, in the absence of harmful and aggressive chemicals, the ozone generator can be quietly used to disinfect the equipment as it is in use. Therefore, downtime is reduced, allowing more production hours to be established in the company.

“Ozone can turn a water, which produces epidemics, into a totally pure drink”


What equipment is used to apply ozone to water?

Water Treatment 5

GBI - Equipment to Disinfect, Wash or Purify

Ozone generator prepared for those places that need to be disinfected, washed or purified with water, homes, machines, fruits, utensils or industrial vehicles. This model is grouped with a self-starting system by water flow. No need for any operator to start it up.
Its ozone production will be different, depending on each client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ozone impact on the animals' ships?

In a positive way. Improves breeding hygiene and eliminates respiratory disorders, chronic bronchitis, coryza, aspergillosis, microtoxicosis

Is frequent use convenient?

Yes. It prevents the appearance of viral epidemics and eliminates all types of volatile organic compounds that vitiate the interior air (ammonia, urea, scatol, indol) causing their destruction through oxidation.

Do you generate waste in the process of removing volatile organic compounds?

No. As a residue of these reactions is the production of oxygen, so we get a greater oxygenation of the room, very beneficial for the development of animals.

What effects does the ozonized air have on animals?

More oxygen, more energy, protection from pathogens, increased rate of blood oxyhemoglobin with antibiotic effect…

Is it always the same dose for any animal?

No. The dose will vary depending on epidemics, stools and growth.

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